Hundreds of Babies Euthanized Each Year in Netherlands

photo credit: o5comBy Donna Rachel Edmunds. Just over a decade on from assisted dying being legalised in the Netherlands, as many as 1 in 33 Dutch people are thought to have died this way, including 650 babies a year, euthanized so that their parents don’t have to witness them struggle with disability or disease. The escalation in death by euthanasia over the last six years has led one Dutch ethicist, who had been in favour of the law when it was first passed, to warn “some slopes truly are slippery.”

Earlier this week, eighty prominent Britons wrote to the Telegraph calling for a commitment from all the political parties to revisit the question of assisted dying in the next Parliament, if a vote is not taken on the matter before the general election in May.

They wrote: “If there is not enough time for the Bill to complete its stages before the general election then it is imperative that Parliament continues this important debate afterwards.

“We are closer than ever to allowing dying people to have safeguarded choice in how they approach their deaths. Whoever forms the next government must allow time for Parliament to reach consensus on a safeguarded law.” (Read more about the babies euthanized each year in the Netherlands HERE)


Pregnant 16 Year Old Killed by Mother and Brother for ‘Family Honor’

By Express News Service. In another case of honour killing, the mother and brother of the pregnant minor girl, whose body was found in the bushes near her home on December 23 under Kandhai police station area in Pratapgarh district, were arrested on Monday for allegedly killing her.

The police said the victim’s brother had come to know about her pregnancy and caught her trying to get in touch with her boyfriend on the night of December 22.

According to the police, ever since the incident came to light they suspected that the teenage girl may have been killed by her own family members in the name of honour.

Following investigations, the police arrested her mother, aged 50, and her 24-year-old brother, who used to run a bicycle repair shop near his house. The girl’s father was, however, not involved in the incident, police said. (Read more from this story HERE)