Petition Forces White House Response for Imprisoned Lieutenant

Photo Credit: Army Times Supporters of a former first lieutenant convicted of murder in the 2012 deaths of two Afghan men now await a response from the White House after a petition calling for his pardon gained 100,000 signatures.

Clint Lorance’s supporters launched the White House petition Jan. 2, after the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division upheld the guilty verdict in the case.

The petition needed 100,000 signatures by Feb. 1 to get a response from the White House. The petition reached that threshold Monday night; it had 101,273 signatures late Monday.

In the petition, supporters call for a presidential pardon for Lorance, saying the former lieutenant was punished for trying to protect his soldiers.

“The president has the chance to tell the military and our enemies that when we send our young sons and daughters into harm’s way, we do not turn against them,” the petition states. (Read more about the imprisoned lieutenant HERE)

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