Abortion Nurse Quits, Recognizing “the Sensation of Life”; At Another Clinic, Abortion Botched, 911 Called [+video]

By Sarah Terzo. A nurse identified only as “Julia” talked about her experience as a nurse at a teaching hospital that did abortions. Her story appears at Priests for Life. She says:

I was a nurse practicing in North Carolina. I worked on a Gynecology/tumor unit at a teaching hospital. The unit included 4 prostaglandin abortion beds. The babies who were aborted were between 18-20wks of age. Most women were young, but occasionally there were patients whose babies had life threatening defects. I assisted the doctor in the initial placement of the prostaglandin. Then the women were left on the floor to deliver.

In an abortion by prostaglandin, powerful hormones are used to induce labor and the woman essentially gives birth, but to a baby that’s too young to survive. The contractions are so violent that they can kill the baby and are extremely painful for the mother. Babies aborted by prostaglandin often have bruising over their entire bodies. For the most part, the abortion business stopped using prostaglandin because so many babies were born alive.

Julia says that seeing an actual abortion or delivery is so much different than seeing a video or pictures of one:

One thing that is often forgotten by people is that there is a big difference between a picture of a baby at a certain number of weeks pregnant, and seeing and experiencing a birth. There is a sensation of life, of a living thing. It is like the difference between a picture of a puppy and a real puppy. Even a movie does not capture the whole picture. All of your senses are involved.

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Abortion Clinic’s Desperate 911 Call: “She’s Bleeding Really Heavy and We Can’t Stop It”

By Cheryl Sullenger. We’ve learned that an ambulance called last week to a seedy Pensacola, Florida, abortion clinic owned by disgraced New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, was responding to help an abortion patient who had hemorrhaged during an abortion procedure.

A 911 recording obtained by Operation Rescue revealed that a 29-year old woman starting bleeding heavily during an abortion. Attempts to control the bleeding were unsuccessful and emergency assistance had to be called. The patient was transported to a local hospital to get the life-saving treatment that the abortion facility was unequipped to provide.

Uncontrolled hemorrhage during or after an abortion can be caused by uterine perforation, a life threatening injury particularly if the tear lacerates an artery. In that case, a woman can literally bleed to death, as did Tonya Reaves, who died in 2012, after bleeding internally for over five hours due to a perforated uterus before being transported to a hospital from the Chicago Planned Parenthood where her second trimester was done.

Two other incidents of uterine perforation during abortions have been recently documented by Operation Rescue. (Read more from this story HERE)