Georgia Man Accused of Killing Five Found in Mississippi

A Georgia man accused of murdering five people, including his wife and other family members, was taken into custody Monday night in Mississippi, authorities said.

Thomas Jesse Lee, 26, of Troup County, Ga., was the subject of a nationwide manhunt after the five bodies were discovered in their suburban home in LaGrange, Ga. on Saturday. He was taken into custody in Tupelo, Miss., Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff announced Monday night.

Troup County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Stewart Smith told that Lee traveled to a church in Alcorn County in northeast Mississippi, where he sought assistance because he was out of money. The church, not knowing who he was, purchased a bus ticket for him to go to Alabama, near where his family lives, Smith said.

Soon after, a pastor heard about the manhunt for Lee from media reports, and contacted authorities, who took him into custody at a bus station in Tupelo . . .

He faces five counts of murder when he’s extradited to Troup County, Smith said, adding that authorities were anxious to speak with him to determine why he allegedly killed his family members. (Read more about the Georgia man HERE)

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