Jeb Bush: We Need to Dramatically Expand Immigrants Coming to Work (+video)

By Pam Key. Wednesday at the Detroit Economic Club, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said to “create high, sustained economic growth,” we need to “dramatically expand immigrants that are coming to work.”

Bush said, “It seems to me we ought to be strategic about this about how do we create high, sustained economic growth. And that is to shift away from family reunification being almost the sole driver of illegal immigration to narrowing that do what every other country has, spouse and minor children. And dramatically expanding immigrants that are coming to work. A guest worker program to deal in the areas where there are shortages.”

(Read more about Bush saying we need to expand immigrants coming to work HERE)


Jeb Bush: Opportunity Gap is ‘Defining Issue of Our Time’

By Benjy Sarlin. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called America’s opportunity gap “the defining issue of our time” Wednesday in Detroit, where he delivered one of his first major speeches since announcing in December that he may run for president.

Speaking at the Detroit Economic Club, Bush took aim at the slow pace of economic recovery since the 2008 financial crisis. “More Americans are stuck at their income levels than ever before,” Bush said.

He blamed Washington politicians for not understanding the needs of millions around the country still looking for work. Bush took aim at what he called a federal bureaucracy that creates a “spider web that traps people in perpetual dependence” on government. (Read more from this story HERE)

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