Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “We Can’t Surrender, Must Continue Fighting for this Country”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was recently interviewed on the The Joe Miller Show and talked about a number of issues regarding President Obama and issues facing his office in Maricopa County, Arizona. He discussed Rev. Al Sharpton and described what happened when Sharpton came to Phoenix for protests. The Sheriff also recounted the last time that he interacted with the President and surmised that Obama isn’t very happy with him given a recent lawsuit that the Sheriff filed against him with the assistance of attorney, Larry Klayman.

Joe Arpaio described his Times Square billboard and the Phoenix Super Bowl, stating that people were generally well-behaved. He talked about the body cams that his sheriffs now wear, too.

As to Obama’s birth certificate controversy, Sheriff Joe stated that his team was still working on it. He mentioned how strange it was that everyone wants to avoid the topic of whether Obama’s birth certificate is counterfeit, even though there’s evidence of a potential crime. The sheriff concluded that Obama would likely not even be qualified to work in his office.

Finally, Sheriff Joe responded to Joe Miller’s question regarding whether he was a vegetarian. He discussed that he was trying to lose weight, and that he had taken away meat from Maricopa prisoners’ meals, but that the announcement regarding his dietary choices would likely be made with a Hollywood star who will be coming to Phoenix in the near future.

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