Tom Brady: Team Chaplain One of the Main Reasons for This Season’s Success (+video)

Photo Credit: Ijreview By Eric Scheiner. According to, Jack Easterby is treated a little different than most team chaplains. “The typical team chaplain is a pastor at a local church who volunteers to host Saturday chapel for 10 or so players who attend and is compensated with cash in a collection plate. In New England, Easterby has an office — and it’s near (Coach Bill) Belichick’s. He is a classic Belichick hire: The more he can do, the more he does. He hosts Bible study, works coaches’ hours in his office counseling players and their wives, throws passes in practice to Darrelle Revis and sometimes even jumps in on scout-team drills. When he’s not listening, he’s texting. When he’s not texting, he’s writing players and coaches individual notes, recapping their personal goals and reminding them of how thankful he is to know them.”

“The Patriots, since his hire, say they are not the same, no matter what happens in Super Bowl XLIX and no matter the result of Ted Wells’ investigation into whether the team illegally deflated footballs in the AFC championship game. Owner Robert Kraft calls Easterby a ‘wonderful individual,’ and (Tom) Brady has told friends Easterby is one of the main reasons for the Patriots’ success this past year. Safety Devin McCourty calls him ‘a godsend to this team’ who has ‘helped create better men.'”

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Seahawks Quarterback: I Became a Christian After Jesus Visited Me in a Dream (+videos)

By Michael Gryboski. Russell Wilson, a native of Richmond, Va., who quarterbacks for the Seattle Seahawks, explained in a recent video about his religious background and spiritual decision. (Read more from this story HERE).

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