UN Investigating Horrific Claims That ISIS is Stealing and Selling Organs

By Ray Sanchez. The United Nations is looking into claims that ISIS — already considered the wealthiest terrorist group on record — may be harvesting organs from slain civilians and gaining financial benefits by trafficking the body parts, officials said Wednesday.

But Britain’s ambassador to the U.N., Mark Lyall Grant, said the issue has not been officially discussed. Grant said there was no proof or evidence of the claim made by Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations.

The Iraqi ambassador, Mohamed Alhakim, on Tuesday urged the Security Council to investigate the deaths of 12 doctors in Mosul, Iraq. He said they were killed after refusing to remove organs from bodies.

“Some of the bodies we found are mutilated … that means some parts are missing,” he told reporters, adding that there were openings in the back of the bodies where the kidneys would be located.

“This is clearly something bigger than we think,” Alhakim said. (Read more from, “ISIS is Stealing and Selling Organs” HERE)


How ISIS Makes (and Takes) Money

By Ashley Fantz. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has crude, stomach-turning tactics when it comes to dealing with its enemy, but experts say that its moneymaking methods are highly sophisticated, especially for such a new terror group.

Here’s a look at how ISIS has made (and taken) millions . . .

ISIS makes between $1 million and $2 million each day from oil sales, numerous sources tell CNN. The oil comes mostly from refineries and wells that ISIS controls in northern Iraq and northern Syria.

The militants smuggle oil into southern Turkey, for example, and sell it to people who desperately need it just to carry on some semblance of everyday life.

The United States-led coalition fighting ISIS has repeatedly targeted ISIS oil assets in an effort to, in part, damage this arm of the group’s financial system. (Read more from this story HERE)

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