Union Mob Protests Scott Walker’s House Where His Parents Live

Photo Credit: Twitter
Rallying against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed state budget, more than 100 protesters gathered outside of his Wauwatosa home from about 5:10 to 5:25 p.m. Monday.

Repeating many of the chants heard at the State Capitol when Walker instituted Act 10 in 2011, the winding line of protesters called out, “Hey hey, ho ho, Scott Walker’s got to go,” “The students united will never be defeated,” and “Students are not for sale,” as they circled outside Walker’s home on 68th Street.

The protesters started at Juneau Park Play Field, 6500 W. Mount Vernon Ave., at 4:30 p.m. As they walked toward 68th Street, Wauwatosa and Milwaukee police blocked off westbound Bluemound Road. At Walker’s house, police blocked northbound 68th Street while Wisconsin State Patrol officers were stationed in the driveway.

Shouting through a megaphone, Wisconsin Jobs Now Director Jennifer Epps-Addison said although some might call it “invasive” to go to the governor’s home, she said Walker’s proposed cuts were invading their own homes. . .

Walker’s son, Alex Walker, tweeted that his grandparents were living in the house. (Read more about the union mob protesting HERE)

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