Attack on American Democracy is Unrelenting [+video]

In his weekly news summary [below], Joe Miller discusses the unrelenting attack on American democracy. For instance, activist federal courts are displacing democratic lawmaking across the country. In Alabama, a single federal judge announced an unconstitutional decree setting aside the will of over 80% of Alabamans with respect to traditional marriage. No matter your perspective on the gay issue, the aggressive, unlawful, and distinctly undemocratic move of the courts in this area is a very troubling development.

Joe also talks about Obama’s Department of in-Justice, blocking the search for Lois Lerner’s destroyed emails and comments on the overall lawlessness of the administration. Why does the President do what he does? “Because he’s King Obama and he rules by executive order.”

With respect to the Elites’ continuing assault on the sensibilities and interests of average Americans, Joe observes that even though the vast majority of the electorate – on the right and on the left – oppose giving benefits to illegal aliens, it’s happening anyway.

Much of this has to do with the fact that the “Boehner-Obama axis is alive and well.” So don’t be fooled by those saying that Boehner’s wings have been clipped by rebel conservative congressmen. Boehner’s liberal agenda continues to march forward. The only difference is that Boehner has been forced out in the open as the “big government loyalist he is.”

Boehner’s reelection is yet another example of the ongoing assault on democracy: even though the vast majority of Republicans across the country opposed Boehner’s reelection as Speaker, about 90% of GOP House Members voted for him in a complete repudiation of their representative duty.

Finally, Joe explains why he’d like to see King Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton as the nominees of their respective parties.


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