Brits Pledge Thousands to Defend Jihadi John After He Apologizes to His Parents

By Dipesh Gadher and Tom Harper. Hundreds of donors have pledged their support for an advocacy group that defended Jihadi John and was accused by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, of being “apologists for terror”.

The group, called Cage, has tapped into grassroots support, raising more than £18,000 [almost $30,000] in the past few days through an online appeal after its bank accounts were closed and its main charity backers were forced to stop funding it. (Read more about Brits pledging to defend Jihadi John HERE)


‘Jihadi John’ Issues Apology – For ‘Shaming His Parents’

By Ari Soffer. Mohammed Emwazi, the man revealed as ISIS executioner “Jihadi John”, has reportedly written a letter to his family apologizing for “shaming” them – but not for his murderous acts.

According to the UK’s Sunday Times, Emwazi sent a letter to his family – who, since he was outed as the face behind the black-clad jihadi killer have fled Britain back to Kuwait – in which he said he was sorry for the “problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused.”

The letter reached his family via a third party from Syria, where Mohammed is based.

But notably he did not express any remorse whatsoever for the gruesome beheadings of a series of western and Japanese hostages, mainly aid-workers and journalists.

Experts told the Times Emwazi’s apology was likely made due to his fear of a belief among some Muslims that those who dishonor their parents go to hell instead of “paradise” after they die. (Read more from this story HERE)

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