Government Worker Tells Woman She Must Trade Sex for Food Stamps

A woman desperate for help said she was told she’d have to trade sexual favors to feed her family.

The allegations are at the heart of a lawsuit which raises serious questions about the state’s Food Stamps program.

Shameka Bransford, a pregnant single mother who suffers from sickle cell anemia, claims an employee with the state Department of Human Services wanted something in return when she went to apply for food stamps.

“Basically if I did all these things I would qualify and get my food stamps,” Bransford said.

Bransford’s attorneys, Mary Parker and Stephen Crofford, are now suing the state. They said their client refused the state employee’s alleged demands, which included meeting him under a nearby bridge for sexual favors. (Read more from “Government Worker Tells Woman She Must Trade Sex for Food Stamps” HERE)

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