Map of Where Starbucks Chose to #RaceTogether in New York Paints a Strikingly Revealing Picture

BucksStarbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign has been met with strong reactions from across the political spectrum.

The response on social media to the company’s push for an “uncomfortable conversation” about race became so intense that a senior executive of the company even went so far as to delete his Twitter account as a response, according to CNN Money (he eventually reinstated it 24 hours later).

With much discussion brought to the campaign and its hashtag – if not the underlying issues of race in America – a closer look at which neighborhoods Starbucks has opened up shop in may reveal a potential disconnect between the $16.4 billion corporation’s social goals and its 14,000 stores.


For example, the map below shows the northern suburbs of New York City – Rockland and Westchester Counties – with the red dots representing the 36 locations that Starbucks has in the area, and the neighborhoods coded by the racial plurality that lives there.

Not a single Starbucks location is situated in a neighborhood with a plurality black population, despite these areas being more geographically dense. (Read more from “Map of Where Starbucks Chooses to #RaceTogether in New York Paints a Strikingly Revealing Picture” HERE)

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