Search for Missing Alaska Family of 4 Comes to Grim End

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

A nearly year long search for a missing Alaska family has come to a grim end with the discovery of four bodies, a dead dog and a handgun just off a trail in a rural area near the family’s home.

Authorities said Monday they could not comment on the circumstances surrounding the deaths but there’s no reason to believe anyone else was involved.

Rebecca Adams, 23; her boyfriend, Brandon Jividen, 38; and her children, Michelle Hundley, 6, and Jaracca Hundley, 3, lived on a quiet street on the outskirts of Kenai, a fishing community of 7,100 about 65 miles southwest of Anchorage . . .

At the time, relatives said it appeared the family left without packing. The couple’s two vehicles were parked outside their duplex, and their rent for June had not been paid. The family’s dog — an English springer spaniel named Sparks — also was gone . . .

A gun found with the bodies matched the serial number from a box found in the family’s home, he said. Officers also discovered other items reported missing from the residence, and a dog was found dead at the scene. (Read more from “Search for Missing Alaska Family of 4 Comes to Grim End” HERE)

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