Teenage Girl Vaccinated for STD Without Mother’s Consent [+video]

A Chicago mother signed a consent form for her daughter to get a sports physical at school. Imagine her shock when her-16-year-old called to say she’d also been given four immunizations, including one for the sexually transmitted virus HPV.

Now, that mother wants answers. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

Michelle Miller signed the consent forms without a second thought. She says she believed she’d given Norwegian-American Hospital — and Chicago Public Schools — permission to give her daughter a physical for the upcoming track season at Wells High School.

Her daughter got way more than that.

She had been given shots for chicken pox, Hepatitis A, meningitis and the HPV vaccine. All but the chicken pox vaccine, Miller says, were given by a nurse without her consent and to her daughter Noel’s surprise. (Read more from “Teenage Girl Vaccinated for STD Without Mother’s Consent ” HERE)

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