Unbelievable Anti-American Text Used in Alaska School [+video]

A student from an Alaska high school called into The Joe Miller show and reported that he was utterly disgusted with the anti-American themes in his history class. Not only was his instructor apparently pro-Islamic, but he was also very outspoken about how bad America is, and has been.

“Joe” said that as part of his course reading for his history class, he was provided with a photocopied reading assignment. And then he gave it to The Joe Miller Show.

The Alaska high school class reading made the following outrageous assertions:

1. That American racism during World War II was a moral equivalency to the Nazi’s persecution of the Jews:

2. That World War II was fought to enrich American financial elites, not to defeat the spread of fascism:

3. That America’s aggressive military action was indefensible and resulted in unjustified killings of civilians:

And this was not all of the anti-American text in “Joe’s” reading.

Parents must engage forcefully in their children’s educations. If they don’t, we will continue to lose more and more of our children to the leftist ideology that is permeating our public institutions. And within a generation or two, it will be too late.


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