USDA Employees Used Government Credit Cards at Bowling Alleys, Barbershops

BLD140593U.S. Department of Agriculture employees used government credit cards at bowling alleys, barbershops, and amusement parks, according to an audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

The OIG found $192.2 million in potentially “questionable transactions” by employees using agency purchase cards and convenience checks. The audit, released Tuesday, blamed the improper purchases on poor training.

From a pool of 169,054 questionable transactions, the OIG selected 230 for closer review. The audit found that 174 were questionable, totaling $163,160, because transactions were “prohibited by [the Office of Procurement and Property Management] OPPM’s policy, were not properly approved, or lacked supporting documentation.”

“Some of the questionable transactions involved retailers identified as beauty and barber shops, bowling alleys, and amusement parks,” the OIG audit said.

“This occurred due to inadequate oversight at both the agency and departmental levels,” it said. “Agencies were not consistently training card users or supervisors, were not performing their required reviews, and occasionally overrode or disregarded controls intended to prevent questionable purchases from being processed.” (Read more from “USDA Employees Used Government Credit Cards at Bowling Alleys, Barbershops” HERE)

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