More Victims, Planned Murders: More Harrowing Details Emerge in the Case of the Kidnapped Amish Girls

amish16n-6-web-620x4001-620x400-620x400By Tamar Auber. Last summer, two little Amish girls were taken from a roadside farm stand, shackled and sexually assaulted before being dropped off miles from their home a day later.

Their kidnappers were quickly captured thanks to information the girls were able to provide to investigators.

Now, both federal and local prosecutors have offered the callous couple behind the assault a deal to plead guilty to the charges stemming from the horrific crime.

Stephen Howells, 39, and girlfriend Nicole Vaisey, 25, both currently in federal custody, were presented with a deal last week in order to spare the little Amish girls – ages 7 and 12- the pain of reliving their terror at a trial.

The deal would see the couple spending the rest of their lives behind bars for a laundry list of federal and local charges. (Read more from “More Victims, Planned Murders: More Harrowing Details Emerge in the Case of the Kidnapped Amish Girls” HERE)


‘I Was in a Master-Slave Relationship’: Woman Who Kidnapped Amish Girls Tries to Avoid Full Blame

By Tamar Auber. The woman who kidnapped two little Amish girls in upstate New York says that it is not entirely her fault that it happened; she was in a master-slave relationship with her boyfriend.

Nicole Vaisey, 25, did not speak at a hearing this week where she was denied bail for kidnapping the girls.

Through her lawyer, though, she made it clear that she intends to argue the bulk of the blame should go to her ‘master’ and co-conspirator Steven Howells.

“She was in a master-slave relationship,” her attorney Bradford Riendeau said yesterday. “I believe she’s not as culpable as he is.”

Riendeau also said that Vaisey should be considered a victim as well. “I am currently researching on what happens when prisoners of war go through enhanced interrogation,” he said. “What torture has done to her personality to determine just how compliant she was? Was it really voluntary? Can you really give consent to be tortured?” (Read more from this story HERE)

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