Thanks Alot: Your Forgotten Change Gave TSA Another $675,000 Last Year

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

What, you people like the TSA grope sessions at the airport? Jeez, at least when that goes down at the “gentlemen’s club” you tip with a crumpled twenty.

Instead, at the airports, we are leaving behind enormous amounts of loose change at the security stations, and TSA gets to pocket it all. You know what happens. You strip off your shoes, pull out your laptop, take off your belt and watch, expose your little dangerous toiletries and feel pretty smart about yourself and then WHAM, or maybe, BUZZ. You trip the metal detector. The culprit is the 73 cents in your pocket from that watery twelve dollar coffee you just bought.

So what do you do? You throw the coins into the TSA wash bucket and sail through. In the process of putting on your shoes, you forget about the money. You plane gets called and you’re out of there. (Read more from “Thanks Alot: This Item You Left Behind Gave TSA Another $675,000 Last Year” HERE)

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