Watch: Baltimore Riot Mom Is Mother of the Year

Photo Credit: NY Post

Photo Credit: NY Post

By Kyle Smith. If the Rodney King riots in LA in 1992 had a caption, it was, “Can’t we all just get along?”

At the Baltimore riots of 2015, the words that will echo long afterward are, “You want to be out here doing this dumb s - - t?”

The Mom of the Year award must go to the Baltimore woman captured on amateur video yesterday who responded to the mayhem in the streets — as embodied by the young man who one supposes must be her son — like a parenting superhero. (The hashtag #momoftheyear is trending on social media.)

She didn’t ask him to share his feelings, give him space to “blow off steam” or chant “No justice, no peace.” No, she took the no-excuses route, screaming some sense at the startled youngster while slapping him repeatedly in the face. Hard. (Read more from “Watch: Baltimore Riot Mom Is Mother of the Year” HERE)


Baltimore Quiets Down as Most Residents Obey Curfew

By The streets of Baltimore were eerily quiet Tuesday night into early Wednesday as residents obeyed an all-night curfew enforced by 3,000 police and National Guardsmen, a day after riots engulfed the city.

The 10 p.m. curfew got off to a not-so promising start as 200 protesters initially defied the warnings of police and pleas from activists to disperse.

Some people in the crowd threw water bottles or lay on the ground as a line of police behind riot shields hurled gas canisters and fired pepper balls to push the crowd back. Demonstrators picked up the canisters and hurled them back at officers, but the crowd would rapidly disperse and was just down to a few dozen people within minutes.

The clash came after a day of high tension but relative peace and calm in Baltimore, which was rocked by looting and widespread arson Monday in the city’s worst outbreak of rioting since 1968.

Police, political leaders and many residents condemned the violence and hundreds of volunteers showed up Tuesday to sweep the streets of glass and other debris. (Read more from this story HERE)

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