GoFundMe Bans Cops and Christians, but Fund Raises for Child Molesters and Murderers

Photo Credit: Front Page Mag

Photo Credit: Front Page Mag

GoFundMe has officially turned into the left-wing fundraising site. After banning Christian flower store and bakery owners protecting their civil rights from making use of it, it has also banned fundraising for the police officers being lynched by the corrupt Baltimore political establishment . . .

As I pointed out last time, GoFundMe has numerous fundraisers for convicted criminals. Including those convicted of murder.

After my last post went viral, GoFundMe was shamed into removing those fundraisers, but there are still plenty of others, making it quite clear that the site does not proactively take down violations of its Terms of Service except when it involves causes it politically opposes.

A minute in Google took me to a fundraiser for a woman convicted of grand theft, two child molesters and a murderer. If I can find them that quickly in Google, GoFundMe employees could find them a lot faster . . .

GoFundMe takes 5 percent of total donations plus 2.9 percent and 30 cents from every donation. It’s cheaper to just set up a site and fundraise directly. (Read more from “GoFundMe Bans Cops, Fundraises for Child Molesters” HERE)

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