Matt Walsh: U.S. Christians Should Stop Being ‘Lazy Cowards’ in Midst of Persecution

persecuted-christians-in-middle-eastControversial Christian blogger Matt Walsh has written a column urging fellow Christians in the United States to stop being “lazy cowards” in the face of persecution. He had several solutions to combat that apathetic attitude.

His column, which has been posted on The Blaze, first turned to the atrocities ISIS has committed against Christians in the name of Islam. Walsh contended that Christian “persecution” in the U.S. was nowhere near the levels others have faced around the world.

“It might be hard to believe this kind of persecution happens in the world, especially when the American version of ‘persecution’ includes not having access to gender neutral bathrooms,” Walsh wrote. “Out there, people face the very real threat of death and dismemberment if they practice the wrong religion. Here, we whine if a toilet stall feels too exclusionary. Talk about privilege.”

Even with that perspective in mind, Walsh contended that 100 million Christians faced “the daily prospect of violence, intimidation, coercion, oppression, imprisonment and martyrdom.” Those numbers would make Christians, in his view, “the world’s most persecuted people” today.

“Believers are being blown up, incinerated, shot, and beheaded in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, and many other nations,” Walsh wrote. “And this isn’t relegated solely to Islamic State-controlled countries, or even to Muslim ones.” (Read more from “Matt Walsh: U.S. Christians Should Stop Being ‘Lazy Cowards’ in Midst of Persecution” HERE)

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