Opinion: Corrupt Bastards at Alaska Dispatch News Continue Jihad Against Christians, Take Tabloid Journalism to New Low

download (3)The days when Alice Rogoff and her minions at Alaska Dispatch could masquerade as legitimate journalists have long passed, if indeed they ever existed.

Today the gutter suits them just fine. And that quaint notion we used to call the truth? It doesn’t exist in their world.

On an ordinary day they peddle kitsch for the masses, topped off with the warmed-over politically correct flavor of the day.

But when it’s election season, they go full jihad. But it’s a ‘holy war’ of a different variety, a secular war with ‘moral’ invocations, and ironically, religious undertones.

These vile character assassins will stop at nothing in an attempt to destroy any candidate who dares to oppose their ideological agenda – which is clearly far left.

Enter Anchorage mayoral candidate Amy Demboski, a first-term Assembly Member who shocked the powers that be by winning enough votes to come in second in the April 7 Municipal election and force a runoff.

Ms. Demboski is a straight-talking, no-nonsense conservative. She champions limited government, lower taxes, and sound fiscal policy; opposes corruption and cronyism; and identifies as an evangelical Christian who believes in traditional values.

This past week Alaska Dispatch has run with two non-stories aimed solely at smearing this dedicated public servant, who also happens to have served honorably in our nation’s armed forces.

The first was a piece ostensibly written by Devin Kelly with the title “Demboski stuns radio host by implying that opponent might approve of incest.”

The problem is, Demboski never implied anything of the sort. She was asked by a local radio host about comments made by her opponent Ethan Berkowitz, who reportedly suggested that he had no problem with a father marrying his son.

Because Demboski didn’t brush off Berkowitz’ bizarre statement and tell the host what he meant, Reynolds accused her of implying that her opponent actually meant what he said.

Demboski simply referred the host back to the source of the original comment, further explaining to Reynolds that while she heard the conversation, she would like to hear it again before commenting.

Alaska Dispatch, of course, ran with the storyline that Demboski had implied that Berkowitz might approve of incest. Nothing could be further from the truth. Berkowitz himself plainly said that he did, as long as they were consenting adults.

Demboski was smeared simply for acknowledging that she heard the comments, and for refusing to defend the indefensible.

There’s a reason why Berkowitz won’t talk about it. He too knows it’s indefensible. Yet he stands idly by while the media trashes his opponent for refusing to do what he himself won’t do. I’d call that more than a little bit hypocritical.

The Alaska Dispatch is essentially functioning as a mouthpiece of the Berkowitz campaign.

Enter Rich Mauer, longtime “reporter” for the Anchorage Daily News, and current Alaska Dispatch hack.

Mauer teamed up with Devin Kelly to drudge up obscure details of a divorce case almost twenty years ago alleging that inconsistencies in the record of the then-nineteen year-old call into question her integrity. The only problem is, none of the Dispatch claims stand up to scrutiny, not to mention they’re ancient history.

What’s more troubling though, is these unscrupulous people dragging her child into the discussion by questioning paternity.

That is beyond reprehensible!

Mauer and Kelly spend the rest of the article speculating about what the divorce records mean for the current mayoral candidate.

I’ll answer that for them – absolutely nothing! They have no relevance to the Anchorage mayoral race.

For a putative news organization to engage in that kind of rumor-mongering and gossip about things they know little or nothing about should be denounced for what it is: tabloid trash.

It’s time for people of good will to push back. Alaska Dispatch has engaged in the systematic character assassination of Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, and Sean Parnell. Now they’re trying to do the same to Amy Demboski. Let’s not let them succeed again.

Palin, Miller, Parnell, and Demboski, while very different in some ways, all share something in common: their evangelical Christian faith.

It’s time to name the elephant in the room. The leftists at the Alaska Dispatch News continue to wage a secular jihad against people of faith and it’s time to call them out. The truth is, they are intolerant anti-religious bigots who use the platform of media to accomplish their ideological ends.

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