What Force Is Torturing Residents of Kazakh ‘Village of the Damned’ Hit by Mysterious ‘Sleeping Sickness’? [+video]

28185C3B00000578-0-image-a-30_1430219066368People living in Kazakhstan’s ‘Village of the Damned’ have spoken of the horrifying side effects of the mysterious sleeping sickness which can leave them unconscious for days – as others reveal they fear they are being poisoned to force them to make way for a gold mine.

When a photojournalist spent a night at the infamous village, she was told of how children have seen their mothers grow eyes on their foreheads and usually well-mannered pensioners denounce their nurses as ‘whores’ and ‘prostitutes’.

Meanwhile, men struggle with uncontrollable sexual desires after waking from the coma-like sleep in the village of Kalachi, in northern Kazakhstan.

It is the first time residents of the village, which has also been dubbed ‘Sleepy Hollow’, have spoken of the debilitating side effects.

The illness which sends people into a deep sleep without warning first struck four years ago, and is thought to have affected about a quarter of the population – about 160 people – at some time or another. . .

Baffled doctors have diagnosed the sufferers with encephalopathy, a disorder of the brain, of unclear origin. Scans have shown that many of the sufferers have excessive accumulation of fluid in their brains – known as oedema. (Read more from “What Force Is Torturing Residents of Kazakh ‘Village of the Damned’ Hit by Mysterious ‘Sleeping Sickness’?” HERE)

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