ISIS-Linked Group Said to Issue Leaflets Threatening Christians in Jerusalem

Leaflets threatening Christians and signed by an organization referring to itself as the “Islamic State in Palestine” were distributed in East Jerusalem Thursday, Israel’s Channel 10 news reported.

The flyers, which displayed an image of the black flag associated with the Islamic State terrorist group, warned Christian residents of the city that “vengeance” will be exacted upon them, the TV report stated . . .

There have been intermittent reports of attempts by IS-affiliated groups to organize in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel, and a trickle of cases of Israeli Arabs journeying to join IS forces elsewhere in the region or being arrested en route to do so.

Earlier this week, an Israeli Arab family from Sakhnin, in the north, contacted authorities for help in locating their son and his family, who they said they believe are trying to enter Syria to join the Islamic State . . .

The cell members were arrested by operatives of the Shin Bet security service and stand accused of launching an unsuccessful attack against IDF soldiers and conspiring to kidnap and kill civilians and military personnel in the West Bank. (Read more from “IS-Linked Group Said to Issue Leaflets Threatening Christians in Jerusalem” HERE)

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