Sorry “Caitlyn” Jenner, You’re Still Not a Woman (+video)

By Louder With Crowder. Listen, I don’t begrudge Bruce Jenner for wanting to be happy. Everyone wants to be happy. The problem is that with the recent, hyper-aggressive push to normalize transgenderism, we’ll no longer be able to discuss whether some decisions made in the pursuit of happiness are healthful. Because… hate speech.

Many people, including many in the gay community, think that transgenderism is a mental condition more effectively treated with psychiatry than surgery. I get where leftists are coming from; this person isn’t hurting anybody (aside from themselves), so what difference does it make? On the surface, it seems like a reasonable position to hold. One that quickly falls apart when you begin to examine it more closely.

Apotemnophilia is a fetish in which people wish to become an amputee. They find sexual satisfaction and ultimately, happiness, through the act of the removal of limbs or simulating the removal of limbs. There are websites, message boards and get-togethers devoted exclusively to the activity. As a general rule, society doesn’t consider this to be healthful. Some of us may accept it, ignore it and move on with our lives, but we don’t praise it or trot apotemnopheliacs out as heroes. And let’s be honest… most of us think it’s pretty damn weird.

Now, change that limb to a penis. If you don’t accept it, even worse, if you don’t praise it, you’re deemed hateful. The politically correct lobbyists of the day will take great care in avoiding the staggeringly high suicide rate of transgenders, they will ignore the medical reality that sex change operations and hormone replacement therapies come with a litany of very serious health problems, heck, they’ll ignore overall science.

If you choose not to do so, you will be deemed hateful. This is the playbook. Know it, learn it, expect it. Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, will be their poster child.

Something that was discussed on this week’s podcast, and something that I find to be an incredibly interesting point from Milo Yiannopoulous, is that the entire leftist theory on which transgender acceptance is based, forces leftists into a rough juxtaposition to begin with.

See, if it’s truly possible that a male body can be born with the wrong brain, or that a female body can be born with a male brain… it forces the left to concede that gender is not merely a product of societal construct, but biology. If, in order to avoid classifying transgenderism as a psychiatric disorder, we’re required to recognize the inherent biological, scientifically measurable differences between genders… that creates incredible contradictions for feminism, gay rights progress and ultimately, yes, transgenderism. (Read “Jenner, You’re Still Not a Woman” originally posted HERE)


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