The Left Is Schizoid on Sexuality‏

The left is hopelessly schizoid on the issue of sexuality. Those on the left celebrate changes in gender but want to criminalize those who help others make changes in sexual orientation.

This is illustrated by two stories currently in the news. One is, of course, the celebrated gender “change” in Bruce Jenner, who now claims to be a woman even though he is still a man in every single solitary cell of his body, and will be until the day he dies.

He has been lionized by the media, celebrated as a hero (or, heroine, as the case may be) and granted an award by ESPN for courage. He has sold a record number of magazines as the cover boy on Vanity Fair . . .

There is now a concerted effort underway to squash all conversion therapy everywhere in the United States. Three states, Oregon, California, and New Jersey, along with Washington D.C., have banned such therapy for minors, and a bill has been introduced in Congress that will ban reparative therapy for anybody of any age everywhere.

The American Psychological Association wrote in 2009, “Enduring change to an individual’s sexual orientation is uncommon.” Well, “uncommon” is hardly the same as “impossible.” The APA’s own report on sexual orientation change says that “for some, sexual-orientation identity is fluid or has an indefinite outcome.” If it’s “fluid,” then logic dictates that change can take place from gay to straight as well as from straight to gay. (Read more from “The Left Is Schizoid on Sexuality‏” HERE)

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