How Many Times Has GOP House Funded Planned Parenthood?

In the past, Republicans have lacked the resolve or desire to fight the Left on issues that are easy to communicate and resonate with the public. Currently the GOP-controlled Congress is silent in the face of violations of religious freedom. They are silent in the face of Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and his release of thousands of criminal illegal aliens. Even the murder of Kate Steinle has not spurred any immediate action on sanctuary cities. In light of the Planned Parenthood video depicting trafficking of organs harvested from aborted babies will the GOP-controlled Congress finally stop taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood?

In their 2011 Pledge to America, House GOP leadership promised the American people that the new GOP majority would end taxpayer funding for abortion [page 28]. Yet, around 30 separate opportunities have passed to defund Planned Parenthood in relevant budget bills and the GOP controlled House failed to deliver on their promise. Now that there is a GOP Senate, surely taxpayer funding for the organ traffickers at Planned Parenthood will end.

Congressional Republicans are upset about the sale of dismembered baby’s body parts, yet many of those same members had no problem voting for Continuing Resolutions, omnibuses, and other appropriation bills that fully fund the actual dismemberment.

Planned Parenthood has performed 6.8 million abortions since 1970, yet in 2013 45% of their budget ($540 million) came from taxpayers in the form of federal and state grants.

Americans are rightfully outraged over the recent video that surfaced this week revealing how Planned Parenthood harvests and traffics the organs of babies after they engage in gruesome killings. The fact that organs are trafficked after the abortion occurs undercuts pro-abortion proponents’ argument that these babies are a “mass of tissue.” How can mass tissue have organs? How can “something” not alive have organs? The House Judiciary Committee plans to conduct a hearing investigating the extent of this barbaric cartel of murder and illegal trafficking. However, what good is a hearing if the GOP ultimately funds Planned Parenthood in the upcoming budget bill? Spare the nation the pomp and bluster of a congressional hearing where members feign outrage in 30-second sound bites messaged for constituents.

Instead of a hearing, start by ceasing the flow of taxpayer funds to an organization that is incentivized to abort babies to then traffic their organs for profit. Is a congressional hearing really needed to tell us that the act of trafficking dismembered baby’s organs is wrong?

As for the Democrats, what happened to the mantra of “Safe, rare, and legal?” Where are the outraged Democrats? Where is Senator Blumenthal? Who prides himself on once being the top cop in Connecticut and in 2013 objected to the Senate passage of a resolution condemning serial killer Kermit Gosnell?

Sadly, this is yet one more vivid illustration that Democrats do not view abortion as a necessary evil but an ideal that must be defended at all costs. Will they stop at nothing in their defense of abortion?

Step back for a moment and ponder the degree of dyslexia of Democrat priorities and their barometer of morality:

Democrats pound the lecterns in the Senate chamber decrying against the waterboarding of the most horrific terrorists for the purpose of obtaining life-saving intelligence. Yet, they heartlessly ignore the cries of fully-formed babies as their organs are harvested by an organization that receives half its funding from taxpayers.

They shed crocodile tears over lethal injection capital punishment for mass murders but defend every last abortion via suctioning – even those that are coming out of the womb, and in some cases, even after the baby is born. They feign outrage over gas guzzlers for polluting the environment, yet continue to refuse to condemn cold-blooded killers like Kermit Gosnell, the abortion “doctor” who was convicted of killing infants alive and hiding their lifeless bodies in trash bins and jars on shelves.

In the end, to Democrats, it is all about the agenda. And if that means winking and nodding at a modern-day version of Moloch in order to advance that agenda, so be it.

But what about the GOP’s agenda? When will they take a stand? After controlling the purse strings in the House, they have funded Planned Parenthood around 30 times.

With a funding fight brewing for this September and the GOP now controlling both chambers of Congress, it should not be difficult to communicate to America: Democrats are trying to shut down the government in order to fund the trafficking of harvested organs from aborted babies.

Will Planned Parenthood be funded for the 31st time since the GOP recaptured the purse strings?

This September, everyone will find out. (“How Many Times Has GOP House Funded Planned Parenthood?”, originally posted HERE)

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