Robots Denounce Child-Bearing as ‘Immoral’

As the world’s robotic development becomes more mature, there have been no shortage of experts who have predicted seismic cultural, economic and social changes on the horizon for our planet.

But one of the little-discussed aspects of robotics is the development of AI – artificial intelligence – even though it is one of the most rapidly advancing computer science disciplines.

Much of AI relies on development of a scientific process known as conversational modeling, which – up to this point – has been rudimentary. But all of that is changing; devices – computers, robots, any device utilizing AI – are becoming much more mature.

Case in point: A new Google AI bot that lectured a human researcher during trials recently who was attempting to get a definition of morality.

“The project studied conversational modeling, the prediction on what should come next within dialogues, which is a key to understanding natural language and artificial intelligence,” Tech Times reported. . .

As documented further in the research study, during one Q & A with the AI robot, the researcher asked, “What is immoral?”

The machine answered, “The fact that you have a child.”

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