Americans Just Pushed Back in a HUGE Way Against Obama’s Big Plan to Change the World

WJ-images-Obama-Iran-poll-913x512Iran’s supreme leader is still declaring that the United States is the “enemy:” “We will not allow the Americans to have economic or political influence in our country,” CNS News quotes the ayatollah as saying in a recent speech. “Nor will we allow them to have a political presence and cultural influence in our country.”

Controversial secret “side deals” to the Iran nuclear pact negotiated by the Obama administration are being revealed and are causing great concern among some lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The New York Times reports the disputed contents of those side deals are fueling opposition to the accord that Obama argues must be approved because it will stop Iran from developing the bomb:

To the most strident opponents of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the suspicious behavior at a military base about 12 miles southeast of Tehran has become a rallying call to defeat the accord, especially as it now appears that Iranian officials may be allowed to take their own environmental samples at the site and turn them over to inspectors.

And another article in The New York Times — a news analysis published on Monday — points out that Obama’s argument in favor of the nuclear accord has a glaring problem that’s only growing more pronounced:

His problem is that most of the significant constraints on Tehran’s program lapse after 15 years — and, after that, Iran is free to produce uranium on an industrial scale.

. . .

The Hill just published the results of a new poll from Quinnipiac University showing that voters in three key swing states oppose the Iran nuclear accord “by margins of more than 2-to-1.” (Read more from “Americans Just Pushed Back in a HUGE Way Against Obama’s Big Plan to Change the World” HERE)

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