Benham Brothers: The Greatest Threat to Liberty is Your Silence

Christian entrepreneurs and twin brothers David and Jason Benham have issued an urgent call to Christians to hold fast to Biblical truths amid a “direct assault on Christianity in America.”

Speaking to, Jason Benham said, “[W]e don’t believe there’s a threat to religious liberty. We think there’s a threat to Christian liberty, because all other religions seem to be fine right now in America.”

He referenced a recent report about Islam being taught in public schools across the United States, while Christianity is targeted.

“We’ve even got elementary schools now starting to teach Islamic prayers – but Christian prayers – how dare you have a Christian Bible in the schools,” he told the news outlet. “There’s a direct assault on Christianity in America. That’s why we’re encouraging Christians to stand.”

David Benham also urged Christians to become more vocal about their faith and publicly defend their beliefs instead of avoiding conflict in silence.

“The greatest threat to that is the silence of Christians,” he said. “As Edmund Burke once said, the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” (Read more about the “Greatest Threat to Liberty” HERE)