Club for Growth: Trump ‘Worst Republican, Simply Awful’

Donald TrumpClub for Growth President David McIntosh released an email letter this weekend saying the group was not going to “back down” in their fight against Donald Trump.

McIntosh claimed Trump is “posing” as an anti-establishment conservative, but in reality he’s a liberal.

The letter accuses the billionaire of supporting single-payer socialized medicine “to the left” of Obamacare; advocating the largest tax increase in history; opposing a flat tax; use of eminent domain laws to seize private property; and protective tariffs that will lead to “massive trade wars.”

McIntosh described Trump as the “worst Republican candidate on economic issues” and that “short of Bernie Sanders, he may be the most liberal candidate” in the race.

Trump, for his part, has also trashed the Club on Twitter, claiming they run an “extortion” racket after they asked him for a donation that he declined to give. (Read more from “Club for Growth: Trump ‘Worst Republican, Simply Awful'” HERE)

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