Missouri Toddler Is Dead for 12 Minutes, Then This Incredible Thing Happened

2C8C932100000578-3242081-image-a-42_1442759811899A three-year-old girl came back to life after drowning in a pool leaving her family and doctors astounded.

The Nipper family, from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, had been enjoying a pool party with friends on July 29 when the tragic accident occurred.

Alise Nipper had showed no signs of life when she was pulled from the water, but her determined mother Jamie continued with CPR for 12 desperate minutes until there was a heartbeat.

Despite suffering from traumatic injuries, within weeks, Alise defied all expectations to make a full recovery and has even returned to the pool less than two months later.

On the day in question, Jamie Nipper and her daughter Alise had swum for a couple of hours, but when the weather suddenly turned, everyone decided to head inside. (Read more from “Toddler Is Dead for 12 Minutes, Then This Incredible Thing Happened” HERE)

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