Sports Illustrated Columnist: Tom Brady Must ‘Answer’ for Supporting Trump

Sports Illustrated published an article Friday by Aaron Leibowitz, an anti-American, anti-military leftist, demanding New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady be made to ‘answer’ for supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Tom Brady Needs to Answer Questions About His Support of Donald Trump is the headline to SI’s Stalinist attempt to make Brady toe the party line.

Leibowitz writes for The Cauldron, a site that is published by and this month was also picked up by Sports Illustrated. According to his LinkedIn profile, Leibowitz is a 2014 graduate of Tufts who has a “passion for issues involving the intersection of sports and politics.”

Leibowitz’s anti-American, anti-military stance was revealed by him in a Cauldron piece he wrote that was published in May about several NFL teams secretly getting paid by the Defense Department for game-day events honoring service members.

“When I woke up Friday morning, I already knew that the National Football League uses jingoism to promote its brand. I knew that the league profits off the glorification of violence. I knew that the NFL and the military work hand in glove.”

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