Watch: Budweiser Honors 9/11 Victims With This Touching Ad

United Flight 175 Impacting Two World Trade CenterBy Caroline Bayard. Did you know that the first Budweiser commercial featuring Clydesdales aired back in 1967 — nearly 50 years ago? . . .

The reason? It’s not because it was too racy or controversial. Budweiser only wanted the ad to play one time, because they didn’t want to make any profit off of it. They only wanted to honor the victims of that fateful day in September of the year before. The result was a beautiful tribute, showing the horses on their journey to pay tribute to the fallen.

As you can see in the video, the ad was created on the 10th anniversary, but again, only to acknowledge that awful day and pay tribute to the heroes who were affected.

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 14th anniversary of 9/11, as even though we’ve grown stronger with time, the wounds still feel fresh and painful. (Read more from “Budweiser Honors 9/11 Victims With This Touching Ad” HERE)


On 9/11, This Hero Dog Risked His Life to Save a Blind Man, We Will NEVER Forget

By Barbara Diamond. Here’s a 9/11 hero you don’t often hear about…

Omar has been blind since the age of 28. He found Salty through Guiding Eyes For The Blind. The morning of September 11th, 2001 began like any other day. Omar and Salty headed off to work at the World Trade Center to prepare for a meeting. They made it up to the 71st floor when Omar heard the first plane crash into the North Tower.

As the electricity shut down and panic set in, this was the point where Salty could have fled and escaped to save himself — but there was no way he was about to leave his owner behind. Salty ran back and forth to find Omar, alerting him to the fact they had to run to the nearest stairs. There wasn’t enough room in the packed staircase for Omar to hold tightly to Salty’s reigns, so he let go and the dog was completely free. Amidst the wind, smog, and darkness, Salty could have bolted again — but instead, he guided Omar down a whopping 71 flights of stairs. Salty saved Omar’s life before the building collapsed. (Read more from “On 9/11, This Hero Dog Risked His Life to Save a Blind Man, We Will NEVER Forget” HERE)

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