Why Voters’ Anger Will Only Increase

BallotCastingStationsAccording to the latest batch of polls, Iowa Caucus voters are literally “mad as Hell” at Washington, D.C. and the Republican Party.

But if pollsters think voters are fed up now, they ain’t seen nothing yet. Because you can rest assured this fall the surrender caucus GOP Establishment has another round of “Failure Theater” all lined up and ready to go on every issue conservatives care about.

That’s when the latest fictional budgetary D-Day occurs. You know, either some kind of spending deal is hammered out and signed by then or its Great Depression meets Zombie Apocalypse. Otherwise known as shutting down less than 20 percent of the federal government almost everybody hates.

Scary stuff.

Back in 2013, the fight to defund Obamacare was the leverage spectacularly squandered by the GOP after 16 days of mostly fake missing government. This time, the defunding of Planned Parenthood is the cause macabre.

One approach being discussed on that front doesn’t even shrink the overall budget per se, but simply transfers all the federal money now directed at baby butchers to other women’s health programs that don’t kill babies and sell their parts for illegal profit. And even if the budget was cut, it would be a victory on a simply financial level dwarfed in its significance by eliminating Obamacare’s drag on the economy.

Furthermore, simply stripping Planned Parenthood of taxpayer money doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t continue to execute as many innocents as it pleases for the time being. Seems like something the establishment would be ready and willing to demagogue as unwilling to go to war over. But there is a window open for action because of the gruesome Planned Parenthood videos that have exposed the intrinsic evil that is that death merchant.

Of course, right on cue, Quisling-in-chief “Ditch” McConnell has already woke up from his usual nap to signal his willingness to side with death over decency yet again, just as he has for years. And yet recent polling out of Iowa (and everywhere else) is absolutely brutal for the poor saps interested in following in the clay footsteps of Mitt Romney and John McCain. For example, a whopping two-thirds of Iowa Caucus goers are currently split among Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina – the four outsiders pursuing the nomination.

Quick, somebody smack the GOP establishment on the forehead and scream “hello, McFly.”

Instead, it’s “stupid is as a stupid does” for the surrender caucus, who’s getting the jump on an autumn’s worth of pre-capitulation show votes by pretending to oppose Obama’s Faustian Bargain with Iran. Oh, yes, they’re planning a resolution of disapproval. Boy that will certainly have the Marxist in the White House putting away his pen and his phone out of fear. And if that doesn’t work, Boehner-McConnell are really going to escalate hostilities by threatening a sharply-worded joint blog in the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.

Scary stuff.

So what will be left to try in just a matter of weeks when the establishment’s 2016 presidential hopes will almost certainly be on the wrong side of oblivion? Well, a financial windfall of donations from their sugar daddies on K-Street. Otherwise known as “manna from Heaven” to the GOP establishment. This is a government by the lobbyists and for the lobbyists after all.

And while they’re raking in the dough, they will willfully ignore the anger of the party they’re supposed to be leading, which cuts across all previous ideological divides. The GOP establishment has managed to finally unite the Republican Party’s disparate factions—against themselves.

In the meantime, the outsider candidates will grow even stronger than they are now, as we head into the winter’s first votes in Iowa after an entire fall of Boehner’s “crying game” and McConnell-scowls. Trump will go Spinal Tap and dial the putdowns up to eleven. Carson will become a more transcendent force in politics by uniting people against the system as a whole. Cruz will become the champion of the conservative grassroots after he’s seen leading the fight against the Washington Cartel at every turn. Fiorina’s sense and sensibility will be a glaring contrast to the “can’t do” rancid spirit of the beltway.

The entire whitewashed tomb that is the GOP establishment is being choked out before our very eyes. Not only that, it has no shot at coming back to life without elevating some of the very conservative causes it has scorned for so long, and even if it does elevate them it is likely to work for the benefit of somebody far more deserving instead.

There’s a full loaf of GOP establishment toast now, and the torches and pitchforks crowd want it burned to a crisp, God bless ‘em. (For more from the author of “Why Voters’ Anger Will Only Increase” please click HERE)

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