American Pro-Life Leader Put Into Holding Cell After Landing in Australia, Here’s Why

Right to Life Australia has pulled out all stops to overturn the withdrawal of Troy Newman’s visa after he arrived in Australia early this morning. Since his arrival, Newman has been kept in a holding cell at Melbourne international airport.

Knowing that he had successfully boarded at Los Angeles and was on his way, one staff member even sacrificed her sleep to work throughout the night preparing documentation for a legal appeal the next morning, without knowing what change had enabled him to depart for Australia.

For Newman, getting through to Australia was surprisingly easy. Having been stopped at Denver, he had made his own way to Los Angeles on another airline. Once there, he boarded the aircraft of his original airline using the boarding passes still in his possession. “Nobody stopped him or questioned him or nothing when it came to boarding the plane,” according to Cheryl Sullenger from Operation Rescue.

United Airlines is facing a fine for allowing a passenger without a valid visa to travel to Australia. In an ironic twist, any fine applied would be against an airline that has been connected with supporting Planned Parenthood.

It has since been discovered that Newman’s notice of the withdrawal of his visa was sent to him via traditional postal mail to his United States address and not by email. (Read more from “American Pro-Life Leader Put Into Holding Cell After Landing in Australia, Here’s Why” HERE)

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