Hillary Clinton Tells a Fishy Story About Being ‘Fired’ From Job in Alaska

Through the course of her 20-plus years in national politics, Hillary Clinton has on many occasions told a tale about the time in the summer of 1969 that she worked briefly at a fishery in Valdez, Alaska after graduating from Wellesley College.

The story appears to have a couple of purposes. It makes Clinton seem tough, gritty and humble — the kind of story that a person with political aspirations would like to tell. Clinton also uses it as the perfect analogy to a career in Beltway politics.

“Best preparation for being in Washington that you can possibly imagine,” she told David Letterman during an interview in 2007.

But the story has morphed over the years, from its first iteration in 1992 when the then-first lady of Arkansas claimed she was fired from her job because she confronted her fishmonger boss over the putrid state of the salmon she was hired to gut to the version she shared during a question-and-answer session during a town hall on Monday . . .

Asked if she has ever been fired from a job, Clinton told voters in New Hampshire Monday that she was. (Read more from “Hillary Clinton Tells a Fishy Story About Being ‘Fired’ From Job in Alaska” HERE)

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