Oklahoma Republicans Offer to House 10 Commandments Monument

The interim chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party thinks the best place for the Ten Commandments monument is on the grounds of the Capitol.

But, now, that a judge has ordered the monument be removed by Oct. 12, Estela Hernandez feels the area outside her office is the second best location . . .

While it’s not a done deal, Hernandez has thrown the GOP name in the hat for the new home of the controversial monument. She said the words of the scripture are directly in line with the principles of the republican party.

“It’s a reminder that we truly are a people with moral laws, with moral values and, when we start to dismiss the notion that God should not be in our schoolhouse and in our government, that’s when we start to lose or start to see a decline of our culture,” she said. “Those [are] principles that define us as Americans, that define us as to what our framers intended our nation to be. They sought out those Christian values, they sought out God’s wisdom. And, I truly believe Oklahomans share in those values” . . .

The American Civil Liberties Union, which led the fight to remove the monument from the Capitol grounds, said it would have no problem with the republicans housing the monument. Since the statue would stand on private property, Legal Director Brady Henderson said the location is perfectly legal. (Read more from “Oklahoma Republicans Offer to House 10 Commandments Monument” HERE)

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