This Person From Hillary Clinton’s Past Has Vowed to ‘Haunt’ Her Through Campaign

Kathleen Willey, one of the women caught in the crossfire of alleged sexual harassment by former President Bill Clinton and what she characterizes as acts of intimidation to silence her, announced new plans to “haunt” Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential race and beyond.

During a radio interview Sunday, Willey delivered a message to Clinton: “I am going to be shadowing you every single place you go to remind people, especially young people, young women, college-aged students who don’t remember any of this. I want them to know all about this. Because once they do they are not going to be real proud of supporting her as the first women president.”

“I am going to haunt her everywhere she goes,” Willey stated of Clinton. “So she’s not going to get rid of me ever until she disappears.”

“And I have plans already for New Hampshire,” she said, referring to the Democratic Party presidential primaries . . .

The Clinton sex accuser used the interview to tease the October 13 publication of a new book by bestselling author Roger Stone entitled, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” for which Willey wrote the forward. (Read more from “This Person From Hillary Clinton’s Past Has Vowed to ‘Haunt’ Her Through Campaign” HERE)

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