You Won’t Believe How Many Syrian Refugees Have Been Approved in the U.S.

During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest this afternoon, an Obama administration official made a statement that should concern anyone who is apprehensive about the national security problems presented by the influx of “Syrian refugees.”

Barbara Strack, the chief of the Refugee Affairs Division of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), admitted that a whopping 80% of refugee applications are approved worldwide. But as it relates to the Syrian refugees that have been processed so far in the U.S., that number is a dangerous 90%.

Throughout the hearing Republican members noted that unlike in most other countries we have no access to any database or background check system. “The things you normally check just don’t exist,” observed Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). None of the administration officials on the panel could answer how Syrian refugees enjoy a higher approval rating than even the already high rate of approval worldwide when they have a nonexistent system to vet them.

As Sessions noted during the hearing, there have been many reports of Iranians pretending to be Syrian refugees in order to be admitted into western countries. Clearly, the alacrity to admit as many refugees from Syria as possible has allowed politics to trump the security of the nation.

On Tuesday, Obama finalized his refugee admission goals for this year in a memo. He plans to increase the refugee cap from 70,000 to 85,000 without the consent of the people through their elected representatives. In addition to the large increase from Syria, Obama has raised the sub cap from Africa to 25,000 and plans to bring in many more Somali refugees.

When asked by Senator Sessions whether refugees become self-sufficient, the administration officials said that 80% become self-sufficient within 18 months. When pressed whether the definition of “self-sufficient” includes those on welfare, the administration officials demurred. In reality, the welfare use on the part of refugees is astronomical, topping 93% among those from the Middle East.

Also, as Senator Sessions noted, we’ve already spent $4.5 billion through our foreign policy program to deal with the refugee situation. It’s not as if we have not been “generous.” What’s more disconcerting is that the increase in refugees will now be funded from USCIS fees paid for by other categories of legal immigrants, essentially forcing vetted immigrants to subsidize the importation of predominantly Sharia adherents to our shores.

Much like with the 1965 immigration bill, the promises of the politicians with regards to the refugee program have been completely divorced from reality. (For more from the author of “You Won’t Believe How Many Syrian Refugees Have Been Approved in the U.S.” please click HERE)

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