Inside Islamic State’s End Times Apocalyptic Battle Plan

The Islamic State may want Western and moderate Arab countries to send ground troops to Syria, because it believes an apocalyptic battle is necessary to fulfill an end-of-days prophecy of total Muslim conquest.

This belief is expressed in an ISIS propaganda video released last week titled “Meeting at Dabiq,” which references the future location of an epic final clash between Muslims and “crusaders.”

The video, replete with Islamic chants, depicts ISIS fighters – some in tanks and trucks – advancing toward the Colosseum in Rome. This is followed by images of the ISIS flag raised across the Middle East and North Africa. It then predicts the downfall of the West.

The Syrian city of Dabiq, near Aleppo, is central to ISIS ideology. The terrorist group named a magazine after the city, and routinely refers to a future battle at Dabiq in their propaganda. They believe a massive confrontation with Western forces must take place there in order to usher in the Islamic apocalypse and ultimate conquest.

Dabiq is mentioned in the hadith – the Islamic oral tradition that claims to quote the prophet Muhammad verbatim on numerous matters. (Read more from “Inside Islamic State’s End Times Apocalyptic Battle Plan” HERE)

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