Investigators Looking into Suspicious Activity at Walmart in Arkansas, Possible Terror Plot

Investigators with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Prosecutors Office and Walnut Ridge Police are looking into suspicious activity that took place at the local Walmart located in Walnut Ridge over the weekend.

According to sources, a tip was received by the Deputy Prosecutors Office stating that a person or persons of middle-eastern descent was seen at the local Walmart in Walnut Ridge buying a large amount of Trac Phone type cell phones. The tip was then passed to local law enforcement who then contacted the local store and requested video from the store. According to sources the store only had 10 of these type phones and all 10 were purchased at one time by this person.

This activity came on the same weekend that a Walmart in Lebanon Missouri had 60 cells phones purchased, Laclede County Investigators were called in to investigate this and confirmed that the phones were purchased by persons of middle eastern descent with cash money, no charges were filed in the incident. A similar incident was also reported in Columbia Missouri last weekend as well.

Local law enforcement has contacted the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office (Lebanon Missouri) and requested video to compare to the local video taken. A similar incident took place in Michigan where arrest were made after suspects purchased a large number of cell phones.

Although there has been no direct link to any terror plots or groups in the recent string of purchases, law enforcement states people should be suspicious and report activity to local law enforcement. Reports after the recent San Bernardino incident stated neighbors saw suspicious activity but failed to report it to authorities stating racial profiling. (Read more from “Investigators Looking into Suspicious Activity at Walmart in Arkansas, Possible Terror Plot” HERE)

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