Donald Trump the Candidate: Fact-Checking Supporter and Media Misinformation [+videos]

Let me make my position on Donald Trump perfectly clear (now stick with me, Trump supporters, because you may appreciate at least two of the bullet points!): I think he’s a demagogue who’ll say and do anything to get himself elected. I think he’s tapped into a very real anger in America, but it’s an anger he’s exploiting, not one he truly understands. I think he flip-flops on his positions more often then he changes wives. I think he has precisely zero core values. And I think he’s a big government guy, not a conservative. Why? Because he cannot articulate what conservatism is, which is an easy pop-quiz for those of us who truly are. So, with that said, I’ll get to the point of this article: Some Trump supporters, and especially the media, have engaged in misinformation about Donald Trump the Candidate. Here are [some] of the most noteworthy:


Last week Trump blamed Ted Cruz for saddling America with ObamaCare. Ted. Cruz. The man who stood willing to shut down the federal government to rid us of that albatross. I think Trump would like us all to forget his support for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, two of the nation’s most destructive politicians, who are directly responsible for shoving that turkey down our throats. So no, Donald, you are far more responsible for the ObamaCare monstrosity than just about any of the other candidates.

Trump supporters argue that Trump is not for socialized medicine. In his own words, as recently as during last Saturday’s GOP Debate: . . .

Trump likes to tout his support for eminent domain. And yes, it has been used for the greater good of the nation with the construction of railroads, bridges, and highways, for example. But that’s not how Trump tried to employ it on at least one occasion: He attempted to force an elderly woman to sell her home, so that he could build a parking structure on her land. And at last week’s GOP debate, Jeb! finally called him on it:

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