Huma Abedin CONFIRMS Her Muslim Brotherhood MOM Proud of Her During Podcast

1024px-Hillary_Clinton_and_Huma_AbedinIn an embarrassingly sycophantic interview, Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser Huma Abedin again shored up her bonafides as a covert Muslim Brotherhood agent when she flippantly revealed how proud her mother is of her. The revealing moment came right out of the gate as the obscure, valley girl-sounding co-hosts gushed to Huma over landing the interview. Huma responded by saying she thought her mother was the only person who considered her “a big deal”.

The reason Huma’s thought of as a “big deal” by her mother is indeed a big deal. For starters, Huma’s mother Saleha Mahmoud Abedin was identified in 2011 as one of 63 leaders inside the Muslim Sisterhood. Hatred of the Jews is necessarily a prerequisite for attaining such a position. In fact, one of Saleha’s colleagues as a Sisterhood leader is none other than Naglaa Mahmoud, the wife and then “first lady” of Egypt’s short-lived Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Mursi. In 2010, Mursi openly stated that Muslims should nurse their children and grandchildren on hatred of the Jews . . .

Here is the big deal. Huma is married to a Jewish man named Anthony Weiner, who was a U.S. Congressman at the time. As such, he is considered an ape or a pig by the Muslim Brotherhood. This would have not only precluded Huma from marrying him but it should have completely disgraced her and her family; it did not. Instead, she was elevated to a place of honor. There is only one reason for such an elevation; she is a spy.

It is doctrinal within the Muslim Brotherhood that hatred of the Jews is a requirement; it’s a tenet of the faith. While it’s ok for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish woman – for the purpose of conversion and bearing Muslim children – it’s beyond sacrilege for a Muslim woman to marry a Jewish man.

Yet, Huma is still held in high regard by her mother. Why? According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s interpretation of Sharia law, Huma is guilty of among the most egregious of sins, not worthy of honorary status. Such a marriage is said to bring dishonor to the entire family in fundamentalist Islam. Yet, Saleha continues to hold a position of high prestige at a University in Saudi Arabia. In fact, in 2015, Huma traveled there to be present as her mother was “honored” by the University for her service. (Read more from “Huma Abedin CONFIRMS Her Muslim Brotherhood MOM Proud of Her During Podcast” HERE)

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