Jeb Bush: Cruz Naming Fiorina Early as Running Mate Is a ‘Smart Move’

Jeb_Bush_(8570145056)In his first interview since dropping out of the 2016 race for the White House, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Thursday that Republican candidate Ted Cruz’s unconventional decision to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate was a “smart move.”

“I’m impressed with her,” he said. “[I] thought it was a smart move.”

Bush, who has endorsed Cruz, told CNN reporter Jamie Gangel that choosing Fiorina, who suspended her bid for the GOP nomination in February, will prove helpful when going after Republican rival Donald Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“Picking a candidate that is talented, tough — she takes on Trump really well, I think, and she takes on Hillary Clinton very well, as well,” Bush said. “[She’s] someone who’s got a proven record, who’s been vetted by a candidate, I thought it was a smart move.”

Though the invincibility of a Trump nomination continues to build, Bush seemed confident it is still possible to block the billionaire businessman from becoming the GOP nominee. (Read more from “Jeb Bush: Cruz Naming Fiorina Early as Running Mate Is a ‘Smart Move'” HERE)

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