Trump Promises to Make One Change If Elected President

5440607608_ab5e7b8855_b (1)Billionaire and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump just gave America another reason to vote for him if he wins the GOP nomination. He promised to stop tweeting, calling it “not presidential,” according to a video released by The Hill.

Supporters instantly cried, “No!” at the thought that their beloved candidate would stop tweeting . . .

The Hill ran the story of Trump’s promise to stop tweeting, and many Facebook users who read the story there had a lot to say about Trump’s tweets and his promise to stop tweeting.

Mordechai Hunter Rees wrote, “It’s not tweeting that is ‘not presidential.’ It’s the things Trump tweets that are not presidential. (Forget about the things he retweets…)” (Read more from “Trump Promises to Make One Change If Elected President” HERE)

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