Actor Elijah Wood: Numerous Hollywood Power-Brokers Molesting Children in Pedophilia Epidemic

Actor Elijah Wood, best known for his role as Frodo in “Lord of the Rings,” is spilling the beans on a dark, ugly secret in Hollywood: child sex abuse.

The former child actor said in an interview with London’s Sunday Times that young actors are being sexually abused by high-powered predatory “vipers” in the movie industry. . .

These allegations are confirmed by another former child actor, Corey Feldman. “The number 1 problem in Hollywood was and is – and always will be – pedophilia,” he said in an interview.

In his book “Coreyography: A Memoir,” he recalls how a fellow child actor, Corey Haim, then 14, was molested on the set of “Lucas” in 1986: “[A]n adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all the guys do. So they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers … and Haim allowed himself to be sodomized”. . .

Rumors of widespread child sex abuse have swirled around Hollywood for years. Anne Henry, co-founder of Bizparentz, a group set up to help young actors, said . . . a “tsunami” of sex-abuse claims was beginning, and she estimates about 75 percent of child actors who “went off the rails” later in their career had suffered abuse. “This problem has been endemic in Hollywood for a long time and it’s finally coming to light. … In the last 10 years, Henry notes several wealthy and significant people in the industry have been convicted. Some have left prison and returned to Hollywood and continued to work with children. (Read more from “Actor Elijah Wood: Numerous Hollywood Power-Brokers Molesting Children in Pedophilia Epidemic” HERE)

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