Bill Was Just Caught on Camera Doing Something That Will Make Hillary Furious

Tim Allen knows all too well that former President Bill Clinton has a wandering eye. As Western Journalism reported, Allen claimed Clinton was “eyeballing” his wife the entire time the trio were talking the first time they met.

But now, it seems, someone may need to keep a close watch over Clinton while he’s at his wife’s campaign rallies.

A photo has surfaced on social media which purportedly shows the former president in a full-on embrace and kiss with an equally elderly woman. The caption reads “Bill Clinton kissing my grandma’s friend…Uh.”

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The photo comes just a week or so after allegations surfaced Donald Trump had been accused of kissing women on the mouth. As Western Journalism reported, hosts of ABC’s The View equated an unwanted kiss by Trump with sexual harassment, a criminal activity.

While Trump hasn’t suffered through impeachment hearings over his philandering, the former president certainly has, and a string of women have accused him of rape and sexual harassment. Which is one of the reasons many Hillary Clinton’s critics say there’s no place for the former president and his wife in the White House.

Trump has already started attacking the Clintons over Bill’s sexual misdeeds. Trump said in January, “She’s got one of the great women abusers of all time sitting in her house, waiting for her to come home for dinner.”

Hillary’s cover-ups, alleged payoffs and settlements with accusers, and Bill’s sexual sins will most likely be themes Trump will continue to use all the way up until the general election for president in November.

And with the latest photo of the former president kissing his way to a return to the White House, Trump may not have to look far for ammunition to use against the Hillary Clinton campaign for president. (For more from the author of “Bill Was Just Caught on Camera Doing Something That Will Make Hillary Furious” please click HERE)

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