Mitt Romney Explains His Reasons for Opposing Donald Trump for President

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been relentless in his attacks on the integrity of Donald Trump.

A article in Politico quotes Romney saying, “I know that some people are offended that someone who lost and is the former nominee continues to speak, but that’s how I can sleep at night.”

The former Republican nominee went on to relay a conversation he had with his son, where he was asked, “When the grandkids ask ‘What did you do to stop Donald Trump?’ what are you going to say?’”

Despite his opposition to Trump, Romney has confirmed he will not run for president as a third-party candidate. “I made it clear I’m not running,” he said.

He also stated he will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

According to an NBC news article from March, Romney, speaking on Meet The Press, called Trump “anything but presidential.” He vowed he would vote; however, his vote would be cast for a candidate who he believes is a real conservative and someone people can be proud of, adding, “and I may write in a name if I can’t find such a person.”

In a speech Romney delivered to a crowd at the University of Utah, he said, “Let me put it plainly, if we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.

“First, the economy: If Donald Trump’s plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into a prolonged recession,” he said. Romney pointed Trumps plan to impose a 35 percent tariff-like penalty which he says would only serve to instigate trade wars, increase consumer prices and kill export jobs.

Romney reminded the listeners of some of Trump’s failed business ideas, such as Trump Airlines, Trump University and Trump Magazine, to name a few. “A business genius, he is not,” he said. (For more from the author of “Mitt Romney Explains His Reasons for Opposing Donald Trump for President” please click HERE)

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